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PT. Kukar Mandiri Shipyard is the leading provider of quality construction and repair products and services to the commercial marine industry.PT. Kukar Mandiri Shipyard which has three lanes of repair berth using airbags ( 2.5 hectares ) and one lane of building berths equipped with a 150 ton gantry crane (1.2 hectares ) and which presently has almost 500 employees ( including more than 200 technical personnel with middle and/or high degree qualification), is engaged in the business of ship-building and ship-repairing for ship owners from Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, and regions of China, etc.The main business of ship-building and ship-repairing are :• Dry dock for Tog Boats and Bargers• Maintenance and repair of propeller,• Renovation of the worn parts,• Quality inspection is done on every production phase• High quality Final Coating by an experienced staff• Propeller System Assembly• Construction was based on section and block system to speed up building time